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Standard Edition
Role-Based Access and Self-Service Editing
for Increased Efficiency and Productivity


What is rDirectory Standard Edition?
The Standard Edition adds features to rDirectory's pre-configured, online search application that utilize existing relationships to delegate tasks to users that typically consume valuable IT and Help Desk time. rDirectory's role-based access, together with built-in data integrity controls, can help you shift the burden of routine maintenance, such as changing phone numbers and addresses, from the Help Desk and administrators, to the users – without granting additional rights.

Evaluate rDirectory's Standard Edition today and find out how you can:
  • Significantly reduce Help Desk calls
  • Free your IT staff to focus on more critical issues
  • Increase productivity in your organization
  • Gain a measurable ROI within weeks of deployment



Web-Based Online Directory
A pre-configured, out-of-the-box search application leverages your existing Active Directory identity data to create a fully functional corporate white page solution.

Self-Service Editing with Data Integrity Controls
Enable users to update personal information without requiring additional rights or privileges. Enforce account profile consistency with advanced compliance controls, such as validation expressions, object selectors and multi-tiered picklists.

Role-Based Access and Delegation
Control delegated access with flexible and powerful roles, rather than traditional group-based access.

Data Validation Tasks
Enforce data integrity with scheduled tasks that remind or require a user to correct missing, malformed or misspelled data for virtually any information in the user's profile.  Password profile enrollment policies can also be enforced via Data Validation Tasks or using rDirectory's optional addon, ProfileValidator.

Notification and Auditing
Configurable email notifications and audit logs ensure accounts cannot be created, modified or deleted without a complete record of the change.

OCS/LCS Presence
With the OCS/LCS presence information from Office Communications Server 2007, rDirectory users can see who is available and right-click to take immediate action using any enabled Office Communicator 2007 client capabilities – chat, video, audio, even Voice over IP (VoIP).

AD LDS Support
rDirectory provides rich identity management applications for AD LDS (formerly known as ADAM), without requiring Active Directory’s extensive infrastructure.

Photo Support
Image controls that automatically adjust aspect ratios ensure that photos are displayed consistently, making it easy for any authorized user to add or edit photos.


What Our Customers Say About rDirectory
"It can be very easy for IT to forget that Active Directory user accounts are actually about people. In managing the people side of the equation, rDirectory provides a seamless way for IT and HR to join forces, leveraging the power of Active Directory."
Michael Fisher, Chapter President
HDI, Orange County


How rDirectory Works
rDirectory discovers your existing schema and allows you to compose applications that take advantage of virtually any class, attribute or relationship already present in the directory. There is no need for schema extensions, and rDirectory will automatically detect custom classes or attributes that have been added for your organizations unique needs.


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