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Identity Management

Sharpen the focus on increased productivity and efficiency


Namescape’s Identity Management Solutions help you effectively manage authentication, provisioning and password resets, while providing alerts, audit logs and essential reporting.

rDirectory, myPassword

Password Management

Immediately save time and money with reduced Help Desk calls


Secure identity management and tight user authentication are extremely critical to preventing devastating security breaches. Providing secure access for remote employees to the company network, key company systems, global address lists, and email or web from home or abroad, has become a major component of the everyday IT strategy.

myPassword and Password Policy Guardian

Active Directory Management

Automate Active Directory


Active Directory management is a huge challenge. The time spent manually digging through AD to find and change information can consume so much IT time that more critical initiatives are delayed or ignored.

joBot and rDirectory
  • "rDirectory has saved us time in provisioning Exchange, Home Directory, LCS and Active Directory accounts It has also given local IT staff the ability to create and modify accounts from a simple interface. The GUI is well laid out and intuitive. I am amazed at the speed and the ease with which it works."

    Vinit Khandelwal, IT Systems Architect
    Cushman & Wakefield
    Global Real Estate Solutions
    221 offices in 58 countries 15,000 world-wide employees
  • “Namescape provided us with a comprehensive solution that allowed us to clean up and standardize data across multiple systems. We can finally trust that the information is consistent, current and accurate across all systems. These solutions have eliminated time consuming duplicate entry and helped to speed up and streamline our user provisioning process. The self-service password reset solution, myPassword, has cut our Help Desk calls by 50%, which increased overall productivity; both at the Help Desk and on the end-user side. Thank you Namescape"!

    Dale, Director of Technology Public
    School District
    136 schools, 90,000 students 14,000 employees 8,500 teachers & paraprofessionals
  • “We purchased joBot to be proactive with password resets. As a police department we are in operation 24/7 and it is critical that users have access to their accounts after working hours and on weekends. When users cannot access their email accounts this can potentially have critical implications. With joBot, I can proactively notify users via email that their password is going to expire, prompting them to change it prior to a lock-out, which enables them uninterrupted access to critical systems, and frees up IT to focus on other initiatives."

    Gord, IT Supervisor
    Police Department 6 Branches
  • “Namescape gave us a new AD vision and helped us move to the next level. We brought a business problem to the table and they gave us an idea on how to leverage the rDirectory role into our business. We wanted to add value to our intranet and be able to provide clean information. We were looking for something for a while and Namescape provided a greater value product suite than any other of the ones out there. Our Executive and C-level management team felt there was an important need to get people together, facilitating information, improving communication, even across countries. We created roles building employee and office directory’s, gathering requirements, molding its use for business. We are now able to look up client information and identify which ones are in a target market. rDirectory has provided a good solid business value."

    Jim, Directory Services Manager
    Media Investment Management
    402 offices in 81 countries and 14,000 employees
  • "This is the key point – we often fail to measure student productivity in the same ways that we measure employee productivity....We are wasting a student’s time and a parent’s resources if we allow a student to sit idle because of a lost or forgotten password, which can easily be reset securely and immediately using myPassword.
    To date we have had 267 student password resets, entirely using vouching. Our student population is about 2800. The myPassword solution is very popular, and it has taken quite a weight off our service desk. Teachers and staff like it because students do not lose instructional time due to forgotten passwords, which was most of the reason for licensing the product. If I can serve as a reference/resource when you market to other schools, please let me know."

    Rob Hough, Dir. of Technology Srvs.
    K-12 Private School
    4 campuses in multiple states
Product Overview

rDirectory, Namescape’s unique solution for identity information management, is a powerful identity application design platform for Active Directory that immediately empowers your employees to safely and securely search the data in AD and AD LDS (formerly ADAM) and edit personal information, all within minutes of deployment.

At the core of rDirectory is the Designer - a robust, full-featured design tool that allows you to build customized search, detail and provisioning applications, without the need for advanced programming skills or months-long development cycles. Whether modifying existing applications included in the default design folder, or creating your own, rDirectory allows you to design the solutions that solve your everyday business challenges seamlessly letting you move in multiple directions.

Meet complexity requirements and manage locked accounts.

Minimize user downtime and dramatically decrease Help Desk costs providing an immediate and measurable ROI to your organization.

Ensure your users adhere to password complexity policies with a real-time complexity compliance notification that indicates the strength of a new password as it’s created.

An innovative, time-saving tool that provides streamlined maintenance and reporting on targeted AD objects, helping you stay on top of potential user account issues before they occur.

Namescape’s new Password Policy Guardian strengthens your network’s security with even tighter user authentication.



  • rDirectory now has a mobile interface included with Enterprise Edition.

  • myPassword now supports custom landing pages and is fully Windows 10 compatable.

  • rDirectory is now fully Windows 10 compatible, and the Namescape Designer supports Chrome, Firefox and Edge, in addition to Internet Explorer.