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rDirectory – A Smart Move
rDirectory, Namescape’s unique solution for identity information management, is a powerful identity application design platform for Active Directory that immediately empowers your employees to safely and securely search the data in AD and AD LDS (formerly ADAM) and edit personal information, all within minutes of deployment.

At the core of rDirectory is the Designer - a robust, full-featured design tool that allows you to build customized search, detail and provisioning applications, without the need for advanced programming skills or months-long development cycles. Whether modifying existing applications included in the default design folder, or creating your own, rDirectory allows you to design the solutions that solve your everyday business challenges seamlessly letting you move in multiple directions.


Web-Based Directory
A pre-configured, out-of-the-box search application leverages your existing Active Directory identity data to create a fully functional corporate white page solution.

Search Engine Interface with Instant Search Results
The search engine provides a familiar, intuitive interface for searching Active Directory data. Simply begin typing the first three letters of your keyword or object. rDirectory searches across multiple fields and words to deliver instant results.

Tree Menu Search with Dynamic Picklists
Display data using customizable cascading picklists, making it easy to see relationships between selected objects, such as departments and their employees. Keep your picklists current using joBot’s Dynamic rDirectory Picklist job to schedule recurring dynamic updates of your cascading picklists.

Composable Application Design
Build any number of custom, web-based search, detail and provisioning applications designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization.

Self-Service Editing with Data Integrity Controls
Enable users to update personal information without requiring additional rights or privileges. Enforce account profile consistency with advanced compliance controls such as validation expressions, object selectors and multi-tiered picklists.

Role-Based Access and Delegation
Control delegated access with flexible and powerful roles, rather than traditional group-based access.

Group and Account Management
Delegate group management to Help Desk staff allowing them to add and remove users from groups. Self-subscription to groups and distribution lists allows users to manage their group membership(s) and subscribe to query-based distribution lists.

Certify Information Tasks
Assure that the information most critical to your organization is periodically verified by users and their managers using rDirctory's new Certify Tasks feature.

Data Validation Tasks
Enforce data integrity with scheduled tasks that remind or require a user to correct missing, malformed or misspelled data for virtually any information in the user's profile.  Password profile enrollment policies can also be enforced via Data Validation Tasks or using rDirectory's optional addon, ProfileValidator.

Provisioning and Template-Based Object Creation
Automatically create new accounts with any group or other directory relationship already defined. Extend these provisioning capabilities even further with the optional Microsoft Exchange and Home Folder provisioning agents. Standardize object creation by pre-defining both mandatory and optional attributes, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Notification and Auditing
Configurable email notifications and audit logs ensure accounts cannot be created, modified or deleted without a complete record of the change.

OCS/LCS Presence
With the OCS/LCS presence information from Office Communications Server 2007, rDirectory users can see who is available and right-click to take immediate action using any enabled Office Communicator 2007 client capabilities – chat, video, audio, even Voice over IP (VoIP).

AD LDS Support
rDirectory provides rich, identity management applications for AD LDS (formerly known as ADAM), without requiring Active Directory’s extensive infrastructure.

Photo Support
Image controls that automatically adjust aspect ratios ensure that photos are displayed consistently, making it easy for any authorized user to add or edit photos.


What Our Customers Say About rDirectory
"rDirectory has created a customized solution for our internal IT department quickly and safely. I am amazed at the speed and the ease with which it works – this solution goes well with our motto of ‘keeping it simple.’ I am really happy with this product."
Vinit Khandelwal, IT Systems Architect
Cushman & Wakefield, Global Real Estate Solutions
221 offices in 58 countries, 15,000 worldwide employees
How rDirectory Works
rDirectory discovers your existing schema and allows you to compose applications that take advantage of virtually any class, attribute or relationship already present in the directory. There is no need for schema extensions and rDirectory will automatically detect custom classes, or attributes that have been added for your organizations unique needs.
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