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rDirectory is Namescape’s unique platform for creating a wide range of custom web-based solutions for Active Directory and AD LDS (formerly ADAM).

What’s new with rDirectory?

Onboarding with rDirectory and myPassword

  • Tightly integrated with myPassword, rDirectory includes features designed to facilitate onboarding and strengthen authentication.

Activity Reporting and Auditing

  • Auditing and reporting are available for any action taken using either rDirectory or myPassword.
  • Summary dashboards provide quick insight and reports can be generated and printed.

There’s More!

  • The rDirectory Designer has been modified with an eye toward future enhancements, while improving usability and providing an easy reference for rDirectory settings.
  • FIPS compliance for government customers.
  • …and more!
Which version of rDirectory is right for you?

The Standard Edition includes self-service editing, delegation and RBAC.

The Professional Edition adds features that allow user self-management of groups and distribution lists, and allows delegation of password resets, as well as group and account management to the Help Desk.

The Enterprise Edition includes new account provisioning, data validation enforcement, and full-featured design tool allows you to create custom, web-based applications that meet the specific needs of your organization.

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What Our Customers Say About rDirectory
"rDirectory has created a customized solution for our internal IT department quickly and safely. I am amazed at the speed and the ease with which it works – this solution goes well with our motto of ‘keeping it simple.’ I am really happy with this product."
Vinit Khandelwal, IT Systems Architect
Cushman & Wakefield, Global Real Estate Solutions
221 offices in 58 countries, 15,000 worldwide employees
How rDirectory Works
rDirectory discovers your existing schema and allows you to compose applications that take advantage of virtually any class, attribute or relationship already present in the directory. There is no need for schema extensions and rDirectory will automatically detect custom classes or attributes that have been added for your organization's unique needs.
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