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“70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on
personal smart devices by 2018”


myPassword viewed on Desktop

myPassword v3.7 supports your BYOD program with secure Active Directory password resets from both desktop PCs and mobile devices, ensuring your users are never again locked out due to forgotten or expired passwords.

Why myPassword?
myPassword viewed on Desktop
  • Meet complexity requirements and manage locked accounts
  • Minimize user downtime and dramatically decrease Help Desk costs providing an immediate and measurable ROI to your organization
  • Ensure your users adhere to password complexity policies with a real-time complexity compliance notification that indicates the strength of a new password as it’s created.

Take a look at some of the newest features in myPassword:
  • An updated user desktop interface.
  • A new, full featured mobile interface that supports both phone and tablet devices.
  • The password generator allows random characters as an alternative to the password dictionary.
  • Multiple question lists are supported.

Use myPassword with Password Policy Guardian
  • The password generator will create a password that is compliant with the applicable policy (or policies).
  • Users will receive an immediate explanation of why a password does not meet the applicable complexity policies.

Use myPassword with rDirectory
  • Create a versatile and secure web-based employee and resource directory solution.
  • Allow users to reset their passwords directly from the rDirectory console
myPassword - Home Screen
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myPassword - Logon Screen
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myPassword - Password Change Screen
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myPassword - Security Question Screen
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myPassword - Recent Activity Report
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myPassword - User Activity Report
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myPassword integration
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Profile Validation
The ProfileValidator assures the rapid enrollment of myPassword by checking the user's PC at logon to determine if their password reset profile has been completed.  If updates are needed, the ProfileValidator can be configured to either require or suggest that the user update their profile.  If users are not required to provide updates immediately, they will be reminded on each logon until complete.

User Authentication with Intrusion Detection
myPassword incorporates several methods for detecting, deterring and blocking potential malicious activity.

myPassword’s optional vouching feature allows a manager or other authorized individual to authenticate an account on behalf of another user who has forgotten their password or not yet completed a password reset profile.

Enhanced User Access
myPassword natively supports both Vista and Windows 7 and includes an optional GINA extension, as well as several alternative methods for accessing its powerful self-service capabilities.

Auditing and Notification
For every password modification, myPassword automatically records who changed what and when in the Windows event log and can optionally be configured to generate email notifications of the change.

Password Policy Enforcement
The myPassword generator ensures that IT password complexity and history requirements are met every time an account password is modified. Rule-based password reset profile generation assures that highly secure or sensitive accounts are forced to adhere to password policies.

Security and Compatibility Features
  • Client-side Encryption and SSL Support
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Language Support


What Our Customers Say About myPassword
"myPassword has cut our Help Desk calls by 50%, which increased overall productivity, both at the Help Desk and on the end-user side. Thank you Namescape!"
Director of Technology
Public School District
136 schools, 90,000 students
14,000 employees and 8,500 teachers


The Facts
According to the Gartner Group, between 20% to 50% of all Help Desk calls are for password resets.

Forrester Research states that the average Help Desk labor cost for a single password reset is $70.

myPassword ROI Calculator  How much are you spending on password resets?


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