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Group Management Module

Just released - joBot’s Group Management module provides a straightforward method for effectively and efficiently managing and monitoring group memberships.

These new reports offer valuable functionality, such as ensuring that membership in sensitive or security groups is not inadvertently changed; maintaining group memberships using a defined attribute value that eases the process of on-boarding or terminating employee accounts; and even quickly identifying - and optionally deleting - groups without members or obsolete groups.

Listed below are criteria and settings for the Group Management jobs. Not every criteria or setting applies to each job. Please refer to the product documentation for specific job details.
  • Where to search
    • Entire directory - the agent will search for data across the entire directory
    • Search here - specify the file or folder to search within
  • What to search for
    • Group Scope (Domain Local, Global, Universal)
    • Group Type (Security, Distribution)
  • Email server settings
  • Subject Text
  • Message Template
  • Text
  • HTML
    • Send List to <user>
    • Notify User
  • Send List to <user>
joBot - Password Expiration Notification
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Group Management Reports
Recently Created Groups
Search for groups that have been recently created allowing administrators to identify unauthorized groups.
Recently Deleted Groups
Easily search for groups that have been deleted within a specified number of days. Both email notifications and reports can be sent to selected users.

Static Group Memberships
This job type allows you to specify the exact membership of a group and ensure that sensitive or security groups are not inadvertently changed. If a member is added who is not on the 'fixed' list for the group, they will be automatically removed when the job is run.  And, any members on the 'fixed' list who were removed will be added back to the list.  

Group Membership by Attributes
This job type lets you maintain and create groups by attribute value(s). Membership is determined by the value of a specified attribute. For example, all employees whose department attribute is ‘Sales’ would automatically be added to the ‘Sales’ group. Likewise, if the attribute is changed (in the event of a transfer or termination), the employee would be removed from the ‘Sales’ group, and optionally, added to another.
The following jobs allow you to specify the scope of the search (Domain Local, Global or Universal) as well as the group type (Security or Distribution).

Group Managers
Ensure that all the groups in Active Directory have a group manager.  This job searches for groups that either do or do not have a manager.

Groups by Manager
Search for group managers and indentify the group(s) that they manage.

Groups Membership Report
Easily verify the membership of any group.

Groups Without Members
This job checks for groups that do not have members. You can optionally delete these groups and/or send an email and create a report.

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