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What is your time worth? Automate your Active Directory reporting!

What is joBot?

Version 2.3 has just been released and includes new functionality that enables rDirectory to display photos in search results!

The new Photo Sync module includes three jobs that enable rDirectory to display photos in search results.

  • Directory Photo Export – exports photo images that are in Active Directory to an image file on a disk
  • Directory Photo Import – imports photo images into Active Directory from files located on a disk
  • Directory Photo Link – converts photos on disk to a format for use in the rDirectory Photo Library

joBot’s other modules and jobs provide a straight-forward and flexible solution to password and account management, helping administrators maintain control of Active Directory and assuring a safe, secure environment.

  • Efficiently and effectively manage groups, managers and members
  • Ensure that membership in sensitive or security groups is not inadvertently changed
  • Automatically report on targeted Active Directory objects
  • Choose the functionality you want, when and where you need it, using the joBot modules that meet the needs of your environment
  • Generate customized Active Directory reports and emails
  • Flexible recurrence patterns (hourly, weekly monthly, yearly) allow you to schedule your jobs exactly when you want them to run
  • Import and export reports for web-access or export them to Excel
How the joBot Pieces Fit Together
The joBot client and agent provide the framework for performing the jobs that generate the joBot reports and notifications, and can be installed on any number of workstations or servers within your forest. Agents are configured for specific jobs, so sensitive or high security jobs can run on secured computers with restricted access. The joBot Manager (client) provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly add and configure jobs and monitor the status of agents and activity.

joBot Manager (Client)
The joBot Manager is the interface used to configure and manage jobs and communicate with joBot agents. Multiple joBot Managers can be installed on workstations or servers in the same forest.

joBot Agent
The joBot Agents run jobs from the servers on which they are installed, and report the activity to the joBot Manager. Agents must be in the same forest as their respective joBot Manager.

User Count Module
joBot ships with the User Count Report Module and provides an accurate count of user objects (enabled and disabled) in all containers. Additional joBot modules are purchased individually and currently include:

NEW!  Group Management Module
joBot's new release includes jobs and reports that let you effectively and efficiently maintain and manage group memberships. These reports are available in the Group Management module:
  • Recently Created Groups
  • Recently Deleted Groups
  • Static Group Membership
  • Group Membership by Attribute
  • Group Managers
  • Groups by Manager
  • Group Membership Report
  • Groups Without Members

Password Check Module

The perfect companion to myPassword, providing proactive password solutions to Windows users and administrators. These reports are available in the Password Check module:
  • Cannot Change Password Report
  • Fine-Grained Password Policy Report
  • Non-Expiring Password Report
  • Recently Modified Password Notification
  • Password Expiration Notification
  • Must Change Password Notification

Account Check Module

Enhance security by notifying administrators of potential user account issues before they occur, such as expiring or inactive accounts. Use Account Check with rDirectory or myPassword to ensure that vital user attributes are recorded in the directory. These reports are available in the Account Check module:
  • Account Expiration Notification
  • Account Last Logon Report
  • Accounts Without Manager Report
  • Clear Attribute Action
  • Dial-In Status Report
  • Disabled Account Report
  • Empty Attribute Notification
  • Inactive Account Notification
  • Logon Script Status Report
  • Recently Created Accounts Report
  • Recently Deleted Account Report
  • Recently Locked Accounts Report


What Our Customers Say About joBot
"As a police department, we are in operation 24/7 and it is critical that users have access to their accounts after working hours and on weekends. With joBot, I can proactively notify users via email that their password is going to expire, prompting them to change it prior to a lock-out and enabling them uninterrupted access to critical systems."
Police Department IT Supervisor
6 Branches
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