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Just released! myPassword v3.2 features all new essential reporting

When you talk, we listen.

We're giving our customers exactly what they asked for – new vital reports in myPassword v3.2, Namescape's latest product upgrade, which was inspired by our most important evaluators – you!

These new features make the product even easier to use, implement and manage – take a look:

  • New configurable user activity and summary reports can be exported, and configuration logs track changes to myPassword settings.
  • The new Administration Console provides a more efficient way to manage myPassword’s settings, email notifications and intrusion detection features.
  • A real-time complexity compliance notification indicates the strength of a new password as it is created, ensuring your users adhere to password complexity policies.

Learn more about myPassword v3.2 >>

You have questions? El Capitan has answers

You have questions? El Capitán has answers.

El Capitán, a.k.a. Namescape’s very own Stephen Brashear, support services manager, lets you in on a simple fix for myPassword v3.2 – see how to avoid getting the Unhandled Exception in .Net Framework when installing the SQL server 2008 Express.


Customer Spotlight

Customer: Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, Tampa, FL (headquarters); a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing arena.

Namescape Customer - Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Their challenge: Efficiently manage thousands of user passwords and password complexity requirements – globally – while decreasing traffic to their Help Center and keeping their agents online and productive.

Their solution: myPassword gives their users a quick way to reset their passwords without going through the Help Center… and without even having to leave their seat… so agents can stay online and avoid time-consuming password lockouts.

SYKES also uses myPassword's vouching feature, which lets supervisors easily vouch for employees who forget their passwords. Managers can authorize a new password reset on behalf of their employees.

Read more about how SYKES is keeping their employees online and productive with myPassword. >>

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Do you ever wonder if your online passwords are strong enough to survive security breaches?

Password complexity can be…well…complex. There are lots of rules and best practices to remember and it can get confusing. Good thing there are numerous resources to help you along the way, and we've scouted a few. Feel free to email us your favorite online resource and we'll post it.

Final Thought

"Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months."

- Clifford Stoll