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Important Product Upgrade Coming Next Month – myPassword v3.2
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Important Product Upgrade
Coming in December – myPassword v3.2

You talk. We listen.

Coming next month, myPassword v3.2 is a significant product upgrade that features essential reports that are most requested by our customers. This includes:

  • New configurable user activity and summary reports that can be exported, and configuration logs that track changes to myPassword settings.
  • The new Administration Console, which provides a more efficient way to manage myPassword's settings, email notifications and intrusion detection features.
  • A real-time complexity compliance notification that indicates the strength of a new password as it is created, ensuring your users adhere to password complexity policies.

Five Minutes on Password Complexity

Password complexity – i.e. how to choose the most secure password; how to make your password stronger; and how to create a password that is unbreakable and un-hackable. Are you doing this?

Click here to read more and weigh in on strong password generation. >>

Five Minutes on Password Complexity - Password complexity guidelines. Creating strong passwords. How to create secure passwords.
Namescape's El Capitan

El Capitán Explains it All

El Capitán, a.k.a. Namescape's very own Stephen Brashear, support services manager, lets you know how to easily clear out the user Password Reset Profile with joBot – because in order to provide a higher degree of access security, the profile must be reset on a regular basis.

Read how… >>

Customer Spotlight

Namescape mPowerTools Education Customers
  • Customer: Notre Dame Regional Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.
    Grades 8 – 12, approximately 650 students and 45 faculty and staff
  • Their challenge: The school's network administrator – who also teaches full-time – was creating several hundred student user accounts manually on a very short turnaround. Many times, new student data would not be ready until just days before the school year started. The administrator was also responsible for managing all accounts, including finding inactive accounts.
  • Their solution: Implementing mPowerTools, the administrator is now able to quickly create hundreds of student user accounts in bulk – as late as the first day of class, just minutes before the students arrive – and also easily flag dormant accounts to delete.
Read more about how this school is benefiting from mPowerTools. >>

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