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v6.0 has just been released and features three new GPO reporting tools and more than 25 GPO reports, plus much more. Learn more about why mPowerTools is the ultimate IT administrator’s tool.
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Namescape rDirectory, myPassword, joBot, and mPowerTools

Whether you are adding to your suite of Namescape products, upgrading or purchasing for the first time, check out our current promotions for rDirectory, myPassword, joBot and mPowerTools.

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"mPowerTools saved the day a week ago after we had a rogue process push bogus data to more than 800 of our Active Directory accounts. I was able to identify the affected accounts, build the correct data in a .csv file, upload the proper account information and get email functioning properly in a short period of time."

Jack Hewitt
Infrastructure Server Support
Washington State Department of Transportation

Vol. 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of Namescape’s newsletter. Each month, we will feature expert advice from Namescape’s top technical staff, helping you solve your every day Active Directory challenges. We will also keep you posted on the latest news and events at Namescape, current product releases and our most requested FAQs.

In this Issue:
  • New! mPowerTools v.6.0 with GPO reporting – upgrade or purchase today!
  • Spend 5 Minutes with Mike, vice president of engineering, and learn how to get clean, consistent and accurate Active Directory data with smart profile validation
  • El Capitan – Namescape's support services manager solves a typical myPassword user error
  • An invitation to our next Open House Webinar, featuring an overview of Namescape’s suite of products and live demonstrations
5 Minutes with Mike

Featuring: Mike Dodson
Vice President of Engineering

5 Minutes with Mike

Smart profile validation. You can enforce policy compliance, recognize users on shared PCs, minimize logon delays and verify connectivity for remote users. How, you ask?

Mike Dodson, vice president of engineering at Namescape, gives us five minutes and explains how smart profile validation is the smart move in your Active Directory strategy.

El Capitan Explains Everything

El Capitan Explains Everything

By: Stephen Brashear Support Services Manager

“Login denied for this user on this server”
Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Stephen Brashear, support services manager, a.k.a. El Capitan, explains why domain users trying to access myPassword might receive this error message…and the easy fix.

Visit our FAQ page for more helpful tips on using myPassword, rDirectory, joBot and mPowerTools.
You're Invited...

...To an “Open House Webinar” on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 11:00 am (MST). This 30-minute webinar includes a brief overview of Namescape’s suite of products for Active Directory identity and password management, followed by these live demonstrations:
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- How to securely delegate rights to view and modify data to managers, HR and the Help Desk

- How to delegate, manage and provision groups and users

- How to provide end users with a cost-efficient, safe and secure method to reset passwords

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Customer Referral Bonus Program
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