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Immediately save time and money with reduced Help Desk calls
Secure identity management and tight user authentication are extremely critical to preventing devastating security breaches. Providing secure access for remote employees to the company network, key company systems, global address lists, and email or web from home or abroad, has become a major component of the everyday IT strategy. But, the cost in time and dollars to the IT staff can be just as devastating if your Help Desk is flooded with user password reset or account lockout requests.

According to the Gartner Group, 20% to 50% of all Help Desk calls are password reset related, and Forrester Research states that the average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is $70. Use the ROI calculator and find out just how much your company can save immediately with a secure, self-service password reset solution from Namescape.
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  The Help Desk staff spends most of its time on password reset calls - leaving less time for other critical IT projects. Blue Arrow Icon myPassword significantly reduces Help Desk calls for password resets, increasing productivity for both the user and IT, providing an immediate ROI.  
  A self-service password reset solution has to be secure enough to protect access to the company network, regardless of the point of access or access method used. Blue Arrow Icon myPassword's Smart User Authentication uses inactivity timeouts, progressive challenge/response protocols and customized authentication failure policies to trigger intrusion events.  
  Password reset profiles are not always completed or data entered by the user is incorrect. Blue Arrow Icon When used with myPassword, the ProfileValidator verifies password reset profile data and can be configured to either suggest or require the user to update the profile. Use with rDirectory to enforce data integrity policies.  
  The mobile nature of today's workforce requires secure access from multiple locations and platforms. Blue Arrow Icon myPassword offers multiple access points including Windows logon, Outlook Web Access, direct, remote, website or portal.  
Corner Image - Bottom Left IT needs reports on all password activity, such as modifications, expiring or non-expiring passwords. Blue Arrow Icon joBot's PasswordCheck module complements myPassword by providing email alerts and reports on all password changes. Corner Image - Bottom Right

Success Stories
"myPassword has cut our Help Desk calls by 50%, which increased overall productivity, both at the Help Desk and on the end-user side. Thank you Namescape!"
Dale, Director of Technology
Public School District
136 schools, 90,000 students
14,000 employees
8,500 teachers & paraprofessionals

"myPassword has been very well received and we use it every day. In the past two weeks alone, we have about 200 users change/reset their password using myPassword."
Senior Information Security Analyst
Health Care IT Solutions Provider

"We purchased joBot to be proactive with password resets. As a police department, we are in operation 24/7 and it is critical that users have access to their accounts after working hours and on weekends. When users cannot access their email accounts, this can potentially have critical implications. With joBot, I can proactively notify users via email that their password is going to expire, prompting them to change it prior to a lock-out.  This enables them uninterrupted access to critical systems and frees up IT to focus on other initiatives."
Police Department IT Supervisor
6 Branches
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