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Active Directory Identity Management Solutions

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Sharpen the focus on increased productivity and efficiency

IT administrators are challenged daily to provide greater access to company resources while enforcing processes that effectively and securely manage user identities throughout the entire enterprise. Identity management solutions can be costly and complex, so it is essential to realize a solid return on your investment while simultaneously reducing administrative costs.

Accurate and accessible information about the people and resources in your company increases productivity across the board.  Governing access to that information while allowing controlled self-service results in more efficiency for users, less IT overhead and increases the value of your Active Directory data.

Namescape’s Identity Management Solutions help you effectively manage authentication, provisioning and password resets, while providing alerts, audit logs and essential reporting.

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  An accurate, up-to-the-minute resource and employee directory that enables your employees to find the people, information and resources they need. Blue Arrow Icon rDirectory ships with a pre-configured search application that utilizes your Active Directory data to create a fully functional corporate white page solution.  
  Safely empower users to access and edit personal information while freeing IT from these routine tasks and reducing Help Desk costs. Blue Arrow Icon rDirectory’s powerful, yet flexible group, relationship and claim-based roles allow secure delegation to end users and Help Desk staff.  
  Securely delegate new user provisioning to HR, department managers and IT, and assure data consistency and accuracy. Blue Arrow Icon rDirectory leverages group membership and roles to allow or restrict access to specified data, so user provisioning can be safely delegated.  
  Provide secure, self-service password resets to your end users while maintaining tight identity authentication. Blue Arrow Icon myPassword’s smart user authentication with intrusion detection incorporates several methods of detecting, deterring and blocking potential malicious activity.  
Corner Image - Bottom Left Ensure that users maintain a complete and current profile while enforcing data integrity policies across the board. Blue Arrow Icon The Profile Validator works with both myPassword and rDirectory to check each user’s profile at logon and either suggest or require that updates be made. Corner Image - Bottom Right

Success Stories
"rDirectory has not only saved us time in provisioning Exchange, Home Directory, LCS and Active Directory accounts from one simple page, but it has also given us the ability to delegate this to our front line staff. We have just implemented ITIL practices and this was the biggest hurdle...we had to improve service. Now local IT staff can create and modify accounts from a simple interface."
Vinit Khandelwal, IT Systems Architect
Cushman & Wakefield
221 offices in 58 countries
15,000 worldwide employees

"Namescape provided us with a comprehensive solution that allowed us to clean up and standardize data across multiple systems. We can finally trust that the information is consistent, current and accurate across all systems. These solutions have eliminated time consuming duplicate entries and helped speed up and streamline our user provisioning process."
Director of Technology, Public School District
136 schools, 90,000 students
14,000 employees, 8,500 teachers
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