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Active Directory Management Tools

mPowerTools and joBot
Automate Active Directory reporting and notifications
Active Directory management is a huge challenge. The time spent manually digging through AD to find and change information can consume so much IT time that more critical initiatives are delayed or ignored.

Namescape has the Active Directory tools you need for accurate, automated reporting and notifications on critical AD object properties, plus features that allow you to streamline your everyday IT administrative tasks, and also tackle Active Directory chores in bulk.
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Generate reports automatically on specific Active Directory objects. Blue Arrow Icon joBot helps you drive compliance with accurate reporting on targeted AD objects.
  Stay ahead of user account issues such as expirations or recently created, modified or deleted accounts. Blue Arrow Icon joBot Account Check module enhances security by notifying administrators of potential user account issues before they occur.  
  Using scripts and third party reporting tools to construct reports from AD data are time consuming and troublesome. Blue Arrow Icon mPowerTools includes more than 200 pre-configured reports that can also be customized and eliminates the need for scripting.  
  Manually executing multiple Active Directory tasks, such as adding or deleting accounts, or modifying an AD attribute is labor intensive and error-prone. Blue Arrow Icon Perform multiple AD tasks in bulk with mPowerTools. Simulation mode allows you to preview results before implementing final changes.  
Corner Image - Bottom Left Too much of skilled IT staff time is spent performing routine Active Directory maintenance tasks. Blue Arrow Icon Securely delegate common IT tasks, allowing senior administrators to focus on more critical IT initiatives. Corner Image - Bottom Right

Success Stories
"mPowerTools is a powerful search engine for getting information out of Active Directory. The ability to get the lists of login times and dates…mPowerTools paid for itself just by getting that information. I just don’t have time to go through Active Directory and figure it out manually."
Director of Technology Services
Gloucester County Public Schools
9 schools (K-12), 5,925 students

"What really grabbed my attention from day one was how quickly I was able to remove 500 user folders and profiles from one of our servers; these were users that had left in the last year. This would have taken around a day to script and possibly just as long to test before deploying. I achieved the task with mPowerTools in less than 15 minutes, even though I was not familiar with the product."
Technical Support Manager
UK Health Care trust operating 2 hospitals
6,900 employees

"Because of joBot’s automatic reporting feature to alert IT when a new user account is missing the appropriate HR employee identifier, our last audit was very clean."
Vinit Khandelwal, IT Systems Architect
Cushman & Wakefield
221 offices in 58 countries
15,000 worldwide employees

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