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What is Your Active Directory Management Game Plan?


Chances are you’ve got more than one of these Active Directory challenges on your plate right now:
  • Secure provisioning of user accounts, Exchange mailboxes and home folders
  • Safe delegation of group and password management to users and Help Desk
  • Rock solid authentication and password policies
  • Lowering Help Desk costs
  • Maintaining control over who has access to Active Directory data
  • Ensuring compliance with email notifications, audit logs and reports that notify you before user issues occur
  • Automating routine Active Directory maintenance so your senior IT staff can address more critical initiatives
The right products not only address your highest priority IT concerns, but work together to give you the most efficient, secure and cost-effective solution possible. Namescape’s suite of products are designed to do just that – provide an integrated approach to identity, password and Active Directory management. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about how Namecape's products can be an important piece of your Active Directory strategy.
mPowerTools rDirectory A powerful Identity Information Management Solution that allows you to create multiple solutions customized to meet the exact needs of your business. rDirectory Product Sheet rDirectory Product Sheet
mPowerTools myPassword A complete Password Management Solution that provides a secure, cost-effective method for self-service password resets while reducing Help Desk costs and delivering an immediate ROI to your organization. myPassword Product Sheet myPassword Product Sheet
mPowerTools joBot An innovative, time-saving tool that provides streamlined maintenance and reporting on targeted AD objects, helping you stay on top of potential user account issues before they occur. joBot Product Sheet joBot Product Sheet
mPowerTools mPowerTools The ultimate Active Directory tool designed for tackling AD chores in bulk. mPowerTools streamlines the configuration and execution of common IT administrative tasks. mPowerTools Product Sheet mPowerTools Product Sheet


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